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Restoring honest human connection

Who Is this for?

Any man who dares to become a great lover

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Have you have ever wanted to excel at dating, improve your relationship or get better in bed?

I answer your most burning questions:
How do I know if this is the right relationship?
How do I create an amazing sex life?
How do I become more complacent with myself?
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My Vision

To help every man to honestly connect with himself and others

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Accept yourself

I want to show men that self-acceptance and gentleness unleash our superpowers.
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Find your partner

I want to create awareness among men how to provide positive casual encounters for women and how to find the right lifetime partner.
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Evolve your relationship

I want to equip men to connect with their partner honestly so that their relationships are long lasting and mutually empowering.
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Enjoy amazing sex

I want to enable men to build true sexual confidence and dexterity so that they can fulfill their partners and themselves sexually.
A Human Being

I am Julian

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On this website, you will get practical, pivotal, and purposeful advice on relationships and sexuality.

A fulfilled sex life? Just dare and you will get there.
A relationship where you and your partner(s) can be your true self? More than likely.
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Me in A nutshell

Always curious to leave my comfort zone to learn something new

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My Values

This is how I live my life

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Accept self-expression: We are all weird and that makes life fun. So instead of shaming adventures away from norms, I want to celebrate those who dare.

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Crave growth: Progress excites me. I feel like I am spending my time correctly if I grow. Sometimes, that means that what I do makes me feel uncomfortable. That’s okay.

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Savor the ride: The euphoria of achieving goals is temporary. I don’t believe that we have to suffer immensely in the now in order to be happy in the future. Rather than looking forward to the peak, I am cherishing the beauty of the hike.

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Live with spine: The feeling of shame arises when our values and our actions are not aligned. I do what I say and I say what I do.

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Raise who’s around: If I don’t improve the lives of those who are around me I am wasting my time.

I'll adapt these values as I evolve. Please let me know if I act incongruent with what is written here.