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Great lovers
are made,
not born.

Get shamelessly practical tips
to navigate self-love, relationships & sex
in the 21st century.

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Become a great lover and empower your partner(s)



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I am Julian

I believe that great lovers are made rather than born.
With this blog, I am sharing how.
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What's in it for you

Learn to connect honestly with yourself and others

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It all starts with yourself. So let's celebrate who you are without hiding. Sounds scary? We got this!
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Find your partner
You will understand what kind of partner you really need and how to attract your future companion.
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Evolve your relationship
You will learn how to sustainably strengthen the bond with your partner. Together you can create a fulfilling connection.
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Enjoy amazing sex
I will guide you towards more adventurous and mindful experiences. Ready to blow your partner's mind? 

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