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Master Your Sexual Stamina & Become a Great Lover.


Up to 97% of men can overcome their Premature Ejaculation

I've struggled with PE for many years and tried any trick there is. Sex used to be stressful and a source of shame.
Today, I control when I orgasm and I feel free. Once you master your sexual stamina you can focus on bringing your lovers pleasure and enjoying the sensations.
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Sexual Stamina Coaching
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Overcome Performance Anxiety
All the stress related to sex hinders your growth. I'll help you to stay calm in intimate situations.
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Obtain the mindset of a great lover
I'll share with you how a lover that creates wonderful sexual experiences thinks.
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Master the physiology of orgasm control
We will practice mindfulness, stretches, breathing and more so that you are in full control of your pleasure.
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Gain true sexual confidence
Become a man that provides sexual safety for their lovers. Enjoy full freedom from anxiety and do whatever brings you and your lovers pleasure.
When I first reached out to Julian I wasn't in the best place. I had struggled with PE for a long time in silence. He met me with empathy and we worked together for almost three months. Let me tell you, I am a new man. Julian was the guide I needed as he helped to reprogram my defeatist mind and held me accountable when I wanted to let things slide. His knowledge, his kindness, his mentality are 100% worth it.

Christopher, 27

I've reached out to Julian after my sexual confidence was shattered by an incident where things didn't go as I wanted them to go with the new girl I was dating. I felt the pressure to perform the next time we would see each other. Julian understood me right away and gave me a new perspective so that I became more relaxed about sex. The next time I had sex I could make use of the tools that Julian taught me. Thanks to Julian's coaching my new girlfriend and I now have the best sex in our lives.

Nick, 24

Julian! I did it! I just had sex with my wife for the first time in two months and I could last a solid 8 minutes. Man, thank you so much. You don't know how happy I am. It's a huge weight lifted off my chest. It took a while but we've made it happen. You are amazing and I hope that you'll transform the love life of many more people. As you've said, I am a free man. Fuck PE, I got you!

Ben, 39

I was lucky that my PE was just a mental thing for me. Julian showed me that sex is not about performance but rather creating intimacy and openly welcoming the moment. Julian convinced me to get my girlfriend on board and she was so supportive too. We are now closer than ever before. After just two sessions, I managed to let go of my performance anxiety and my mental blocks. Now that I don't worry anymore, I am also happy with how long I can last.

Philipp, 29

Jo, straight up, stoked I've done the coaching with Julian. IELTs is through the roof. I am thrilled and so are the ladies.

Ben, 32

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Last as long as you want in bed

I've struggled with Premature Ejaculation and I've come out on top. I'll support you on your journey so that you can enjoy sex without worrying about your performance as well.
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How it works

Fill out the assessment

I need some information to prepare for our session and to ensure that I can help you. Whatever you disclose is 100% confidential.

Get guided during 1:1 Coaching Sessions

It's possible to start via chat and slowly move towards audio or video as you become more comfortable. I see the human being in you and I will help you to overcome your sexual challenges so that you become a confident man.

Receive a personalized training plan with daily exercises

I will create a workout plan that suits your needs and prioritizes your progress. Your plan will cover Stretching Exercises, Kegels, Reverse Kegels, Breathwork, Meditation, Mindful Masturbation, Journaling and more.

Be a master of your sexual stamina

You will enjoy amazing sex and become the architect of your sex life. With your newly gained freedom, you soon realize that sex is something beautiful as your lover shivers in bliss with a big grin on their face.